The Statue Store

Where do you go when you are in need of a human-sized statue for your…garden? Or, when you fancy a reproduction “David” for your foyer? Well, the Statue Store of course, Silly!

For months now (or years, actually) Steven and I have been driving past an unusual sight on our way out to Port Moody… a building with a yard (and ROOF) packed full of statues! I always found myself wishing I’d brought my camera. It’s almost too bizarre to be believed.

Usually, on our drive, we are in a hurry to get somewhere, or the weather is poor, but mostly I just don’t have my camera on me, so we never stop. My ancient Blackberry takes horrible photos, so that’s never been an option.

About a week or so ago though, we were returning home from the airport. I’d been away on a work trip, and I always have my camera on trips! As we were driving down the road I suddenly screeched…”STOP THE CAR! STOP. THE. CAR!” Actually, no. I didn’t. That was me just channelling the Ikea commercial lady…”Start the car! START. THE. CAR!” What I probably said was, “Steven! Let’s stop so I can take pictures of the statues!” To which, I think he said, “Aww really? Right NOW?” (There isn’t really a parking spot along the highway, and there WAS quite a bit of traffic.) I likely gave him the look. The one that reads “Please? Please? Please? PLEASE? Oh, C’mon, PUH-LEEEEEZ?!” So, he veered right! (I LOVE that guy!)

While he circled the block, I clambered up onto a cement barricade and tried to figure out, since it was early evening and the place was closed, how I was going to get some photos. The place was surrounded by metal fencing. I placated myself with the idea that it would be my FIRST trip to the statue store. I would return, at a later date, during store hours! Problem solved! This was simply a location scouting expedition! (No pressure!)

I must’ve looked, to the motorists on the road, like a vandal with a can of spray paint, looking for a place to tag.

Well, okay. Probably not. I looked like a crazy lady. *sigh*

If any of you Vancouverites/Lower-Mainlanders, care to visit the place, I don’t know the address. It’s on Hastings, before it joins the Barnet Highway, near….uh…the Mountain Shadow Pub, in Burnaby. You can’t possibly miss it. There’s hundreds of statues in the yard and lining the edge of the roof! Happy statue shopping!

This is a HUGE nurse statue (at least 15 feet tall). I think she was one of three terra cotta statues that adorned the Georgia Medical Dental Building at the corner of Georgia and Hornby streets. She is clad in a WW1 nursing uniform.


These statues line the edge of the roof



I couldn’t resist a fun edit with this one!

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  1. Janet Blyth

    I noticed those pics you took and thought you had taken them in New York or on one of your trips. How strange to find out they are in your backyard. Pretty neat.


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