A Walk In The Rain


Today, Steven and I grabbed the dog and headed to Buntzen Lake for a walk. Truth be told, initially I wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as the two of them. The day was gray and drizzly. A dismal day. A day to stay in, curled up with a book and something warm to drink. I know myself though, and it doesn’t usually take me too long to get into the spirit of things. A lake, forest, fresh air and a happy dog…rain? Meh.

I didn’t bring my camera. I didn’t want to lug it out in the rain. I had thought it about though, just as we were snapping Cooper’s leash on, and of course it never fails…whenever I deliberately leave home without it, I regret it. But of course.

I no longer have a little point-and-shoot camera, and my ancient cell phone takes terrible photos. One day I’ll remedy both of these things, but in the meantime…I’ll have to suffer occasional lack-of-camera-regret.

Sometimes I tell myself (and agree) that it’s nice to simply be fully in the moment, and to enjoy nature without worrying about getting a good shot. Not long ago, for example, the dude, the dog and I found ourselves up early on a sunny Sunday. We grabbed coffee and headed over to the Shoreline Park near our home. There was no one around but the three of us…and thousands of ducks and geese. Flocks of geese were taking off into the sky and flying and honking over our heads. Tiny balls of fluff were gliding around in the water, followed closely by protective mama and papa ducks. It was magical, and stunning, and Steven and I both thought the same thing…”Why don’t we have the camera?!” The light was gorgeous, there were plenty of “models” and there were hardly any other humans about.


I said, “I guess this is one of those times when I should be thankful for the experience and just be PRESENT. (Even still, I was regretful!)

Today, we got to Buntzen and it was drizzly, but we walked around the whole lake. The weather wasn’t great, but there were few people around, and the lake and mountains were rimmed with mists and fog. Again, we thought, “Damn, why don’t we have the camera?!”

Halfway around, Steven pulled out his (pretty new) cell phone and we discovered that it can take fairly decent photos! I felt like I got the best of both worlds! For the first half of the walk, I was very present, and was able to simply enjoy the gorgeousness of green and gray and silence. The second half of the walk I got to take a few shots to document our lovely day. Yay!

I’ll share a few with you. I tried out a free online editing program called FotoFlexer (It’s okay. It’s not bad for simple adjustments and effects) and added a bit of lomo.  Enjoy!


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  1. Janet Blyth

    Wow…………pretty awesome pics for a cell phone camera. Sounds lovely.

  2. mom

    beautiful pictures!

  3. OMSH

    Oh my goodness…BREATHTAKING!


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